How Quarantine Changed my View on Money: Does it even really matter anymore?

There is a study that says that income growth versus happiness has a direct correlation but then plateaus at a certain point. The steepness of this correlation is to be verified. It may vary from person to person. But any higher than that threshold, adding more money in your bank account does not contribute to an additional sensation of satisfaction anymore.

Covid 19: Choosing Positivity Amidst the Global Health Crisis

Published 3/15/2020 If there’s any consolation on this corona virus crisis... This pandemic has brought all of us in a state of fear, and by all, I mean everyone on a global scale. Whenever bad news is covered in the past, I sometimes choose to stay away from it, tune out, and turn a blind… Continue reading Covid 19: Choosing Positivity Amidst the Global Health Crisis

Death is the Ultimate Equalizer: Reflections on Kobe Bryant’s death

I am not a basketball superfan. I am not well versed but I watch it, and I know the famous players. I know the Lebron James and Stephen Curry era, but not much before that. Kobe Bryant is a household name though. He is the poster boy for being an outlier, the best of the… Continue reading Death is the Ultimate Equalizer: Reflections on Kobe Bryant’s death

January Was Tough: How I Still Keep Track with my Life Goals

Is anybody going to talk about the fact that there is just so much going on right now? Is the disproportionate amount of disasters happening now even “normal”? People say things are just exaggerated because we have social media hype and the speed at which we know stuff about the world turned the globe into… Continue reading January Was Tough: How I Still Keep Track with my Life Goals

How to Overcome Your Self-Imposed Weaknesses This 2020

For so long I thought I am a prisoner of my personality type or my circumstances. It is easy to be a slave to the limits you have caged yourself in. Once you set that boundary and accepted that you will never go beyond your self imposed limitations, that’s it. You’ll just run around the corner of these walls and chances are, if you think negatively, you will embody it, project it, and become it. I am that person and I am speaking from experience. I used to have such negative self image and I hated that I am who I am. I hated my weaknesses, but ironically, defined myself from it. I used my own weaknesses as a definition of who I am. Not my strengths, not anything, just my weaknesses. And I thought I am a lost case, that nothing can be done with me. It’s sad and depressing and such a terrible frame of mind. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else as with that adversary within myself, I gained a greater sense of understanding of who I am.

5 Things I Learned in my Early 20s: Confessions of a Type A Millennial

. I am the queen of autonomy, why would I let other people dictate what I do? I am such a people pleaser and I have to stop giving time thinking about what other people will think. The truth is people forget. They might judge you for a minute, but they don’t care that much. So get over yourself and do what will make you feel fulfilled.

The Blessing and Curse of Being a Rebel in Life

All my life, I have always aimed to be different. To break the rules and break tradition. Go beyond the norms and social convention. Do you tend to go that direction too? Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash Welcome to the club. I think I’m not alone in this. All of us has an inner rebel within. The… Continue reading The Blessing and Curse of Being a Rebel in Life

How to Be More Positive: 5 Key Methods to Have an Optimistic Mindset

Sometimes we just need to breathe and laugh. We don’t have to sulk in each other’s troubles. A good laugh reminds us of who we are, what we used to be, and what we can be. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to be positive around our peers and family. And once we start smiling, it helps to ease the pain. We can gain a new perspective on life. Sometimes, I am just surprised. Maybe you will too.