Covid 19: Choosing Positivity Amidst the Global Health Crisis

Published 3/15/2020

If there’s any consolation on this corona virus crisis…

This pandemic has brought all of us in a state of fear, and by all, I mean everyone on a global scale. Whenever bad news is covered in the past, I sometimes choose to stay away from it, tune out, and turn a blind eye. 

But this time, it’s different. 

To stay informed is a necessity but being constantly bombarded and fed with fear-based content, whether intentional or not, leaves all of us in panic mode or hysteria. Treading that line of staying informed and keeping our sanity is difficult, as it is easier to succumb to the fear. And I’m not saying to not fear at all, because I myself am afraid not only for me but for my family,  but if there’s any consolation there could be some things that we could still consider as a positive. Staying home for a while now brought me into reflection mode and I am sharing it with you now.

We become centered with what really matters

If there’s anything that this crisis can give us, it’s the gift of reevaluating what really matters in life. For many decades, humans have concentrated on gaining wealth and status, climbing the corporate ladder, and creating success for oneself. 

Now all of that idealization is in question or rather on hold because people are realizing what truly matters, and that is life. For so long, we as a species have focused on thriving- not much on surviving. And now, somehow we are connected to our primal instinct that is- to protect and to survive. Protect our families and loved ones, the vulnerable and weak, and ourselves too in order to do that. 

To protect our parents and the sick, the younger generations would have to cooperate too in order to achieve that goal. After all, what’s important to us? Its our families, our loved ones. We become aware of that fact more than ever. Staying healthy is no longer a personal choice but an effort that will benefit the good of the tribe.

Time to explore postponed projects and ideas

Since everyone is encouraged to stay indoors, we have to temporarily set aside travel goals, dating is probably not a good idea, and some of our social and economical aspirations. When our existence is threatened, what else matter right? 

But again, if there’s any consolation, we have to take this time to reevaluate some of our lifestyle choices. Do you have any side projects that you always wanted to pursue but can’t? I think this is the perfect time to start tinkering with that. Have you been planning on transitioning into remote work? It’s time to finally put a strategy in place, update your resume, learn new skills, and do just that. Been meaning to read that book? Learn that song? Exercise? You can do it now more than ever.

I mean to add any new realizations that I have during these times in this article. I believe it is important to get in touch with our inner selves, stop consuming so much media, and just get on documenting our journey so that the next generations will understand our future behavior. 

This pandemic will shape our generation, and will probably be the biggest challenge we have faced so far as a species during our lifetime. Through all this, I will try to choose positivity and in keeping the faith in humanity. 

Till my next update…

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