January Was Tough: How I Still Keep Track with my Life Goals

Is anybody going to talk about the fact that there is just so much going on right now? Is the disproportionate amount of disasters happening now even “normal”?

People say things are just exaggerated because we have social media hype and the speed at which we know stuff about the world turned the globe into a small village. Well, perhaps that is true, but is this even normal? Is it far fetched to think that our doom is nearby?

It’s funny when I read a lot of comments and memes going around saying, “I already miss last month” or “I miss 2019 already”. Who can blame them though, we had an almost World War 3, planes got shot down “accidentally”, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes happening, Australian bushfire, virus outbreak, and yes, it all happened in a month.

Survival mode?

Well, as much as I want to remove myself from that reality it’s hard because all of these events are life-threatening. With everything going on, what happens to my 2020 travel goals? What about career goals? Wow, it all seemed irrelevant now given with everything happening. Its almost as if it doesn’t make sense to pursue more “life goals” now when our literal life is on the line and surviving the year alive is like, the key priority.

This brings a lot of anxiety for me, thinking if we are at the precipice of a zombie apocalypse. I’ve thought about this long and hard and asked myself on how I could still focus on my 2020 goals when we are only at one-twelfth of the way before another year comes. Here are some of the things I did to refocus myself on my own life and to get back on track despite these unfortunate events:

1. Accepting that I have no control over what’s happening with the world

Worrying is not gonna add another day to my life. The faster I realize that I cannot control these natural events or political leaders or virus spreading, the faster I can concentrate on my own stuff and my to-do list. It helps to be aware of what’s going on now so at least be prepared but letting this govern my life will not serve me any purpose at all. I know because a few days ago I have let myself get consumed by the news and it totally rendered me feeling anxious, as if I can control what Trump says or do.

2. Lay off the news

Okay so maybe it would be more worthwhile if the time I spend on watching CNN would actually go back to things that I actually find enjoyable and relaxing. It is so saddening how much we find news like a TV series to follow, a story that keeps on unravelling, evoking emotions that provides that “entertainment” almost, and its sickening.

If I let myself spiral and get consumed by news like following a horror plotline, I tell myself over and over again to not. Again, I’m not saying to not be informed, just that I need to be careful what I’m constantly feeding my head. Stay informed, but don’t be consumed by it.

3. Reading my goals back and review priorities

When existential crisis comes, it always helps to read your goals back and just review the things that you want to get done. Realign it accordingly. I have “travel goals” but I am rethinking the travel plans given the current virus outbreak. So now, I’ll just start doing other tasks on my other goals and concentrate on them first. Prioritization is key and travelling could wait.

4. Meditate and live in reality

Mindfulness will really help a lot when I am distress or anxious. If you’re like me who likes to overthink a lot and lives more in their head than in reality, it never hurts to meditate. Breathing in and out is surprisingly effective in keeping myself centred to the present. Meditating and letting go of my worries, accepting my thoughts, and just letting it go.

5. Faith, hope, and positivity

It seems really cliche but sometimes what I need is just a little self-encouragement that says everything will be okay and to remain positive through all this. Have a little faith in humanity- we are all about survival. We’ve done so for thousands of years.

6. Just take action

Yes, just do it. Let’s do our groceries, don’t let these events stop us from living a full life. Let’s help people that are in need if we have any means to do so. Taking action and genuinely taking part in helping others is the biggest comfort we can give to ourselves. Sign up for volunteer work if you have time, there is work to be done instead of hiding in our lair.

For now, let’s just focus on the day-to-day. We cannot control everything in life. Embrace the humility of our humanity, our helplessness but let’s continue to hope for a better future. Let’s not make it a self-fulfilling prophecy that it will all go downhill from here. Let’s push through and keep living. HOPE is a strong force.

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