Top 5 Podcasts You Want to Drive With: A Review of my Favorites!

Podcasts have saved me from my own misery when I drive for long hours or when I end up sitting duck in traffic. Somehow, listening to it allows me to not really think like I’m wasting time and helps me to calm down and stop stressing over because again, who likes being stuck in traffic right?

Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash

Listening to podcasts is great because it makes you productive (it doesn’t stop you from doing chores or other stuff you need to do), be entertained, and learn at the same time. It helps to cope up with drowsiness as I drive because you are engaged and it makes you think and reflect as well. 

I just looove podcasts, and if you haven’t explored this wonderful medium yet, maybe you should try searching for your own podcast flavours too (there’s basically a lot to choose from different niche or genre). Here are five of my most favourite podcasts that I personally thoroughly enjoy, you might wanna check out as well!

1. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and co-host Monica Padman is absolutely my go-to podcast. I am such an armcherry, because this show is both entertaining and informative. They have the biggest stars in comedy (Julia Louis Dreyfus, Bill Hader, Thomas Middleditch) and the biggest names in other scientific fields. They got Sam Harris, Yuval Noah Harrari come in, as well as Dog the Bounty Hunter! It’s just awesome to learn about these people, and just know the fact that we have a commonality to us more than we think. We suffer the same things, we struggle, we have issues, and the road to success for them is also not all bed of roses. The show has given dimensionality to the characters we love, and it just gives me a new perspective as Dax guides the conversation to a therapy session like manner. It talks about family, career, addiction, and the stories behind each success. 

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

The Expert on Expert episodes are also engrossing and their topics are diverse like they got paediatricians, philosophers, historians, addiction medicine specialist, filmmakers, and more. It is also enjoyable to listen to Dax and Monica’s back in forth with their little arguments on the fact-checking portion. I just love this podcast as each episode range from 1.5 to 2hrs long and that helps with the long drive and I just learn a lot from them

2. Conan O Brien Needs a Friend

Another podcast I really enjoy is Conan O Brien Needs a Friend. Of course, its Conan. Who doesn’t love his self deprecating humour and his expertise in navigating through guests? His episodes are just easy and not forced. Sonna also adds an additional spice to the show and it is just enjoyable to listen to them banter at each other. Michelle Obama, David Letterman, Tina Fey, Jeff Goldblum, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Howard Stern, whew! Come Talk about powerhouses. I guess you have to be Conan to get these people to come I mean, come on!

Conan with Jeff Goldblum Episode

The only thing I don’t like with this show is that its only 30 to 45 mins long. It’s too short! The content is funny, inspirational, and sometimes heartwarming. Conan is just full of surprises and has constantly reinvented himself and his podcast is surely a testament to his versatility. I listen to this podcast whenever I just feel like laughing.

3. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Getting Curious with the lovable JVN is such a pure delight to listen to. Jonathan is indeed very curious and the topics he is delving into are really diverse, like politics, cats, reptiles, and global warming. Just like in his successful show Netflix’s Queer Eye, Jonathan has not failed to show his personality in the air and he is just a ball of joy. So if I want to just feel good and learn at the same time, I just go with this podcast and enjoy every bit of  JVN’s bit. 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

4. Startalk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson 

So you got me, I want podcasts that are really educational and informative. This one I really like because it talks about Neil’s field, astrophysics, and its just awesome to learn about the cosmos. It also talks about the science of our favourite shows and movies. Like, they dissect the science in Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Star Trek character’s powers and technologies.

Neil with Chuck Nice

Neil is fun, and he has some comedians coming over to co-host him, and his guests are the popular names in science and Hollywood. Michio Kaku, Bill Nye, Mayim Bialik, Katie Couric and more. I listen to this podcast because I personally love science and it’s just fun to learn about the large scale of our universe. There is humility to our humanity and the cross over of science and pop culture is a good listen.

5. Philosophize this!

Again, I love science and philosophy. This one is not so mainstream but I like the content on philosophy here. It is hosted by Stephen West and kudos to him, his content is well researched, and carefully laid out for beginners in philosophy such as myself. He has chronologically ordered his podcast to the philosophers over the centuries and it is easy to follow. I like thinking and reflecting a lot so whenever I feel like philosophizing, this is my go-to material. There is just comfort in knowing that there are people in the past who wants to find meaning in life as well. They are also searching for purpose, they are also wandering and looking for answers. I just enjoy this show, and if you like to learn about philosophy, this is a good way to start.

Philosophize this! by Stephen West

So there you go, that was my top podcast picks and the content that I personally listen to. They are entertaining, educational, and informative as well. I just love gathering more information as I could and this lets me do that while I do something else. Learning should never stop and I do it through this medium. In fact, I am really a fan of this platform! It’s the new age radio and it is such a joy to listen to the vulnerability and honesty of people.

So what about you? Do you have any recommendations you want me to check out? 

Share your thoughts below and I’d be happy to know about your selections too.

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